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Building Plot Plans and Staking

“Plan and Build with Confidence”

A Building Plot Plan is usually required for obtaining municipal permits. It illustrates the dimensions of the building and where you propose to build on the property. Building Staking is done to clearly mark the building’s exact position on the ground to help construct it precisely, ensure there are no encroachments onto any adjacent properties or Right of Ways, and meet Land Use Bylaws and Building Fire Codes.


 We do Building Plot Plans and/or Building Staking for:

  • New Homes
  • New Residential Multi-Unit Construction
  • New Industrial/Commercial Buildings
  • New Garages
  • New Additions onto existing Buildings
  • And more!


Information Required for a Building Plot Plan

  • Property Address and Legal Description
  • Building Plan or Dimensions of Building
  • Building location preference
  • Contact information


Accelerated Surveys gets your Building Plot Plan and Staking done correctly and quickly the first time by:

  • Reviewing the Title of the Property
  • Reading any Encumbrances or Interests on Title that may affect the building location
  • Examining Land Use Bylaws and other Municipal requirements
  • Using Subdivision and Utility Right of Way Plans
  • Giving advice and obtaining your preferences to build in the best position

Elevations can be determined and shown as well with your input as an additional service


Accelerated Surveys stakes your Building Precisely and Efficiently by:

  • Paying Attention to the Details
  • Operating Precise Leica GPS and Total Station equipment
  • Having thorough knowledge and experience to run the equipment productively
  • Always Learning to serve you better


How is the Building Staked?

We use any one or combination of the following methods:

  • Stake Foundation Corners
  • Stake Offsets to Foundation Corners
  • Stake Center of Piles
  • Stake Gridlines
  • Mark Building Wall Corners on Footing
  • Mark Anchor Bolts
  • Any other method that works best for you


Please contact us if you have a Boundary, Surveying, Building Plot Plan, or Building Staking question. We are here to help!