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Legal Surveys

Surveys that require an Alberta Land Surveyor to certify a boundary, certify a structure position relative to a boundary, or create boundaries are considered Legal Surveys. Some of the Legal Surveys that Accelerated Surveys provides include the following:


Real Property Reports

The purpose of a Real Property Report (RPR) is to educate the buyer and the seller by illustrating and providing vital information about the size, shape, and location of the structures (buildings, decks, etc.) compared to the property boundaries. In Alberta, a RPR with Compliance is almost always required in a real estate purchase. It is always done by an Alberta Land Surveyor (ALS) and usually obtained by the seller of the property.

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A Subdivision is the process of dividing a property into more than one piece and creating a Land Title for each piece. While Subdividing is an easy concept, there is a process that almost all subdivisions need to complete. We specialize in helping landowners and developers understand the process, complete required planning documentation, work through conditions of subdivision, and create their Subdivision Plan and new Land Titles.

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Boundary Surveys

A Boundary survey will stake the property corner(s) and/or line(s) on the ground visibly and accurately. In addition, we provide critical information that will help you position your structures in the correct position. You should have a Boundary Survey done if you are building a structure such as a fence or just want to know what you own. A Land Surveyor is legally the only person that can identify where a boundary is.

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Road Surveys

A Road survey legally creates a new road or new boundaries for an existing road such as a widening or a new alignment of the existing road. Adjacent boundaries to the Road survey are determined, boundary markers for the new road boundary are placed, and a Road Plan is produced and registered at Alberta Land Titles to show the new road boundaries and the change to adjacent property boundaries.

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Condominium Surveys

A Condominium Survey makes it possible to divide ownership of land or divide ownership of units within a building. Land or building spaces that are shared by the individual owners are commonly owned by the individual unit owners (Municipality has no ownership of roads within Condominium).

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