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Subdivision Surveys

A Subdivision is the process of dividing a property into more than one piece and creating a Land Title for each piece. While Subdividing is an easy concept, there is a process that almost all subdivisions need to complete. We specialize in helping landowners and developers understand the process, complete required Municipal planning documentation, work through conditions of subdivision, and create their Subdivision Plan and new Land Titles.

Generally, the Subdivision process can be a lengthy process with timelines taking at least 2 months for the simplest of subdivisions and it can be years for a Large multi-lot Subdivision. If you are thinking about or definitely wanting a subdivision, we recommend getting advice from a Land Surveyor and/or the Planning department of the Municipality your property is in. For more general information on the Subdivision Process, check out the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association’s Alberta’s Subdivision Process.


How can we help you Subdivide?

  • We advise how you will most likely get your Subdivision approved
  • We educate you and/or complete for you the Subdivision Application and other required paperwork for Municipal approval
  • We tell you what the expected timelines are
  • We help you work through any conditions of Subdivision Approval
  • We prepare the Subdivision Plan and/or Real Property Report, or other required surveying document(s)
  • We prepare the Land Titles documents for Subdivision
  • We arrange with Alberta Land Titles to Register the Subdivision Plan and create the New Titles


Have a Subdivision Approval Already?

That is Great News! You have completed the major first step towards your subdivision! We can help you work through your conditions of Subdivision Approval, all of the surveying requirements, and the Land Titles requirements. For a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Quote click Subdivision Quote now.

Please contact us if you have a boundary, surveying, or subdivision question. We are here to help!