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Boundary Surveys

As the saying goes, “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors,” but if it’s not in the correct location, it’s not a Good Fence.

That’s where a Boundary Survey may come in. A Boundary Survey will stake the property corner(s) and/or line(s) on the ground plainly and accurately. In addition, we provide critical information that will help you position your structures in the correct position.


Consider a Boundary Survey, if:

  • Building a Fence and/or Retaining Wall
  • Building a Garage
  • Building another type of permanent Structure
  • Removing or Destroying natural or man-made features
  • You want Peace of Mind knowing what you own
  • There is a disagreement among neighbors on the boundary location


What can Happen if you do not get your boundaries marked?

  • Structure could be built on your neighbor’s property
  • Structure may not meet the Land Use Bylaw for proper distances to boundaries
  • A Structure may be built into a Right of Way that prohibits the location
  • Litigation over Property Destruction (i.e. tree removal) on Neighbor’s Property
  • Neighbor disagreements may continue and/or worsen


How much is a Boundary Survey?

The cost of a Boundary Survey depends on the size and shape of the property, features on the property, property boundary marker information, and location of the property. For a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Quote click Boundary Survey Quote now.


What is included in a Boundary Survey?

Our job is to research the property boundaries and documentation, find and measure between the proper boundary markers, determine the property boundary, and finally certify the location by marking it on the ground accurately. In addition, we will advise you on rules, agreements, and regulations that are on your property and tips to ensure you build in the correct position. A typical Boundary Survey will not include a diagram of the work performed but a diagram can be provided for a small fee. For more information on Boundary Surveys and/or building a fence, check out the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association’s (ALSA) Tips for Fence Builders or ALSA’s I Just Built a Fence.

Please contact us if you have a boundary, surveying, or structure positioning question. We are here to help!