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Real Property Reports

The purpose of a Real Property Report (RPR) is to educate the buyer and the seller by illustrating and providing vital information about the size, shape, and location of the structures (buildings, decks, etc.) compared to the property boundaries. In Alberta, a RPR with Compliance is almost always required in a real estate purchase. It is always done by an Alberta Land Surveyor (ALS) and usually obtained by the seller of the property.

What are some of the most important features a RPR will show?

A RPR will:

  • Identify any encroachments of improvements from or into others’ property
  • Show and/or identify all Utility Right of Ways, Easements, or Restrictive Covenants on the property
  • Draw and dimension the location of the improvements compared to the property boundaries
  • Show if there are any property boundary markers on your property


What is Compliance?

Compliance is a stamp or a letter that the Municipality will attach to the RPR, if based on the RPR information and the Municipality’s information, the improvements conform to all of the Municipal Land Use Bylaws. Most municipalities require a Compliance fee to review the RPR. If you prefer, our office can obtain Compliance from the Municipality on your behalf.


When should I Order a RPR?

If you are serious about selling your property, we recommend ordering a RPR once the property is up for sale. A RPR will take 1 to 5 weeks (depending on the Municipality) to complete the RPR and have the Municipality do the Compliance review. The sooner the RPR is ordered, the quicker the RPR will be done with Compliance. Having a RPR with Compliance will make you feel more confident to sell your property, the buyer will have more “Peace of Mind” about the property, and the quicker the sale of the property can be finished. If you have any questions about the RPR process or when the best time for you is to order a RPR, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Need a RPR ASAP?

We offer RUSH RPR Service.


How much is a RPR?

The cost of a RPR depends on the size and shape of the property, number of buildings and improvements, property boundary marker information, and location of the property. For a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Quote, click Real Property Report Quote now.

Please contact us if you have a Boundary, Surveying, or Real Property Report question. We are here to help!